About Us


Founder and CEO of Curvybody SA

Mapule Mphaki – Mapule is a business woman in her own right with a diversified portfolio of interests across different sectors; beauty, media and advertising, construction, rail, manufacturing, steel and mining.

Her defining moment was breaking the barriers and making it as a woman in a male dominant industry. In 2012, she was nominated Business Women of the year Finalist (Corporate Category) by the Business Women Association of South Africa. In 2017, she won the Media and communications excellence award  – South African Women in Construction and in 2019, she won the Pan African Award Most Influential Woman in Business – CEO Global.

In 2016, she took a giant leap forward and launched Curvybody South Africa. Curvybody SA is an organization that is focused on beauty, wellness and health, women and youth development as well as social upliftment projects. Miss and Ms Curvybody SA Pageants are 100% owned by Curvybody SA. The objective of the Pageants are to debunk the myth that beauty is about size.

Our slogan “Beauty is Limitless” embraces all kinds of beauty not just the physical. Beauty comes from within and has no size or shape. It’s not a number.

The Pageants provide an opportunity for contestants to gain essential life skills such as confidence, self-esteem, self love, public speaking, fundraising, media training, writing and communications.

With major issues such as body shaming and bullying, youth violence, suicide and low self-esteem – Ms Curvybody SA launched the #NoToBodyShamingAndBullying campaign. The power of female role models and creating a safe environment, developing the youth and women is what the Pageants are about. “We teach every women that she is desirable, beautiful and can attain success in everything if she believes in herself”.

“Our aim is to help women and youth to rise, overcome negativity, close the confidence gap and play a significant role in growing the economy of our country”.

Ms & Miss Curvybody SA are beauty pageants aimed at curvaceous women and open to contestants across the country ages 18 – 27 years old (Miss) and 28 – 39 years old (Ms). Curvybody SA Pageants provide an opportunity for contestants to gain essential life skills such as confidence, self-esteem, self love, public speaking, fundraising, media training, writing and communications.

Ms and Miss Curvybody SA’s mission is to teach every woman that she is desirable and beautiful. The catch phrase “Beauty is Limitless” – means beauty is not a number or a size or colour, it comes from within. It is about being comfortable in your own skin; knowing and accepting who you are. Women need to know that they are beautiful irrespective of their body size and can attain success in anything and discover their self-worth.

The pageant has presented some of the most beautiful, confident, talented future ambassadors. These are women who have shaped their communities by becoming role models of today while strengthening the country for tomorrow and discussing answers to timeless questions such as how to balance demands of looking the certain way and at the same time be successful in a world that is unbalanced.


As its name suggests, the Ms and Miss Curvybody SA pageants cater for two groups of women. To qualify for the Miss Curvybody SA category entrants need to be aged between 18 and 27 years of age. The Ms Curvybody SA category is open to the more matured women aged between 28 and 39 years of age.

These type of events are drawing attention worldwide. The challenges that curvy body women go through are legendary to say the least. In a New York Fashion Week article recently an article by one Ruby Stonez captured my attention especially where she writes about “the models that stole our hearts”. She writes: “Some designers have decided to push boundaries of high fashion standards, paving the way for more diversity and inclusion on the runway”. There were not just plus size designers featuring plus size models, but straight sized designers made clothes from sizes 0-22 and up”. It is patently clear that even though a significant portion of womenfolk across the globe are curvaceous, most designers were reluctant to design and feature curvy body models in their fashion shows


Ms Curvybody SA Events is passionate about growing its brand and partnering with companies that share the same values, objectives and want to expand and drive consumer market development.

Ms Curvybody SA Events consistently strive to be brand loyal in our partnerships whilst engaging, managing and nurturing the interests of partners and or sponsors.

Some of the events hosted by Ms Curvybody SA;

  • Natural Hair & Beauty Festival
  • Africa Day Celebration
  • Women Abuse & Child Trafficking March
  • Body Confidence Workshops
  • The Fun Run